6 Best Ways to Clean the Exterior of Your House

exterior house cleaning

Are you tired of looking at a dirty and unkempt exterior of your house? Exterior house cleaning is just as important as keeping the interior tidy. With the changing seasons and exposure to the elements, your house’s exterior can accumulate dirt, grime, and mold over time.

Keeping the outside of your house clean not only improves curb appeal but also extends the life of the structure.

But cleaning your home’s exterior may be a difficult undertaking, particularly if you don’t know where to begin or what techniques would work best.

House Cleaning Services in Northwest Arkansas are playing their role in maintaining the exteriors of houses like never before.

If you want to give your home’s exterior a thorough cleaning and restore its beauty, there are several effective ways to go about it. From pressure washing to using environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, we’ll discuss the best methods to clean the exterior of your house in this blog.

Whether you’re tackling stubborn stains or just looking to freshen up your home’s appearance, these tips will help you achieve a sparkling, clean exterior.

1. The Best Option is Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is one of the best way to clean exterior of house. You must use the strong pressure of water to eliminate dirt and mold from your home’s outdoor surfaces effectively.

Employ a pressure washer ready with a suitable nozzle and detergent to safely tackle cleaning responsibilities on siding, decks, driveways, and sidewalks.

Begin at the top and systematically go downward, making sure even coverage while maintaining a constant distance to save you from any damage.

This method effectively revitalizes surfaces, restoring their look and prolonging their lifespan, at the same time minimizing the effort and time required for thorough cleansing.

2. Sensitive Surfaces Require Soft Washing

For sensitive surfaces or those vulnerable to harm from excessive-pressure water, don’t forget soft washing as an alternative. This approach employs low-pressure water together with green cleansing solutions to delicately cast off dirt, stains, and biological boom without risking harm.

Soft washing proves especially powerful for cleaning sides, roofs, and decorative products, wherein a mild touch is vital for retaining integrity.

By using this approach, you can attain thorough cleaning effects without the concern of causing damage, ensuring that your home’s exterior keeps its splendor and sturdiness for future years.

3. Hand Scrubbing For Outside House Cleaning

When confronted with stubborn stains or complex ones, nothing surpasses the precision of hand scrubbing.

For this kind of exterior house cleaning, you must equip yourself with a bucket of soapy water, a robust scrub brush, and a wholesome dose of grease to address areas wanting an extra careful approach.

Increase your efforts on corners, crevices, and ornamental factors, ensuring no spot is left untouched. Hand scrubbing allows for centered cleaning, correctly lifting away dirt and revealing the actual splendor of your home’s exterior.

Adopt this hands-on approach to accomplish a deep cleaning that brings back the luster and attractiveness of even the most difficult-to-reach areas.

4. Chemical Cleaning May Serve As A Use Option

Certain stains and contaminants demand the use of specialized chemical cleaners to ensure powerful elimination. Opt for environmentally pleasant options and adhere closely to manufacturer commands for secure and efficient application.

Chemical cleansing proves invaluable for tackling stubborn stains like rust, oil stains, and graffiti, specifically on surfaces inclusive of concrete, brick, and steel.

With the proper chemical cleaner, you can efficiently target and dissolve the hardest of blemishes, restoring surfaces to their pristine situation without causing harm to the surroundings or compromising your protection.

Explore this technique with especially resilient stains and witness transformative chemical solutions for outside house cleaning.

5. Window Washing For Exterior Appeal

Don’t underestimate the importance of clean and beautiful windows in elevating your property’s aesthetic attraction. Employ a non-abrasive window cleaner along a squeegee to successfully put off dust, streaks, and water spots from glass surfaces.

Ensure a thorough refresh by means of carefully addressing window frames, tracks, and glasses. By prioritizing window maintenance, and cleaning gutters tips, you not only enhance your home’s overall appearance but also promote a brighter, more inviting atmosphere indoors.

6. Gutter Maintenance Is A Must

Exterior home cleaning maintains optimal drainage and prevents water damage by regularly concentrating on your gutters. Use a gutter scoop or pressure washer attachment to clear leaves, debris, and buildup, ensuring unimpeded water flow.

Additionally, look into leaks, loose fasteners, or sagging sections, and promptly cope with any issues to maintain gutters in good condition.

By staying proactive with gutter protection, you protect your property in opposition to capacity water-associated problems, preserving its structural integrity and minimizing the hazard of high-priced repairs down the line.

Recommended Cleaning Schedule for Exterior Surfaces

Maintaining the external surfaces of your home’s structural integrity depends on these specified cleaning intervals.

Your home’s aesthetic and structural integrity may be preserved with regular cleaning and care, guaranteeing that it will continue to be lovely and well-maintained for many years to come.

Adapt cleaning schedules as necessary to meet any special needs or obstacles that are exclusive to your property.

Exterior Surface

Recommended Cleaning Frequency

Additional Information

Siding Vinyl: Once a year, Wood: Every 2-3 years Vinyl siding may require more frequent cleaning in areas prone to mold or mildew. Wood siding may need refinishing or sealing after cleaning.
Decks Wood: Once or twice a year, Composite: Once a year Wood decks may require more frequent cleaning due to exposure to weather and foot traffic. Composite decks are generally low-maintenance but benefit from periodic cleaning to remove dirt and debris.
Driveways and Walkways Concrete: Twice a year, Pavers: Once a year Concrete driveways may require more frequent cleaning in areas with heavy traffic or staining. Pavers may need resealing after cleaning to maintain their appearance and durability.
Windows Exterior: Twice a year, Interior: Once every 3 months Regular interior cleaning helps maintain visibility and prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. Exterior cleaning enhances curb appeal and may involve removing dirt, streaks, and water spots.
Gutters and Downspouts Twice a year, or more frequently if prone to clogging The roof and foundation of your house are shielded from water damage by routine gutter cleaning. To guarantee appropriate drainage, downspouts should be examined for obstructions and cleaned as necessary.
Roof Asphalt Shingles: Every 2-3 years, Metal: Every 5 years Regular roof maintenance extends its lifespan and prevents leaks. Metal roofs may require less frequent cleaning due to their durability and resistance to algae and mold growth.


If you are meticulous about what suits your personality then you must be aware of what suits your home! Ensuring a clean and pretty outdoors for your home is important for safeguarding the beauty and structural integrity of your property.

Employing the given 6 methods for cleaning, pressure washing, soft washing, hand scrubbing, chemical cleansing, window washing, and gutter maintenance gives complete care to your dream home.

These exterior home cleaning techniques efficaciously eliminate dirt, stains, and debris, enhancing lessened attraction and extending the lifespan of your property’s surfaces.

With diligent effort and the utility of appropriate strategies, your property will radiate brilliance, leaving a long-lasting influence on visitors and your guests.

Explore the opportunity to bring up your home’s look and guard its funding fee through everyday exterior upkeep, reinforcing not just its aesthetic appeal, but also its durability against the elements of nature.

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