Ultimate Guide to Cleaning High Windows Like a Pro

Cleaning home windows isn’t like eating cupcakes. It’s actually a tedious task that needs a lot of tough work and endurance, which is why most houseowners don’t look forward to it. However, you also can’t deny the fact that dirty and grimy home windows may have a huge impact on the general appearance of your private home.

Since you are best advised to smooth your home windows a couple of times in 12 months, it’s better to do it properly without cutting any corners. Also, contrary to what you might imagine, you can clean windows like a pro using household cleaning materials. After spending the morning cleaning outside windows, the house looked brighter and more inviting.

Wondering a way to smooth home windows like an expert? Let’s start!

Gathering Tools and Materials 

Clean high window safely requires the proper gear and substances to ensure certain protection, efficiency, and effectiveness. Here’s a list of what you may need:

Ladder or Scaffolding

For achieving immoderate home windows appropriately, you may need a strong ladder or scaffolding. Ensure it’s miles in perfect circumstance and placed on flat ground.

Extension Pole

An extension pole with a window cleansing attachment will assist you reach excessive home home windows without the want for a ladder for home windows that are not too immoderate.

Safety Gear

Safety wishes to be a problem. Wear non-slip footwear, gloves, and safety goggles to shield yourself from falls and splashes of cleansing solution.

Window Cleaning Solution

Choose an exceptional window cleaning solution or make your own using water and a small amount of dish cleansing soap or vinegar. Avoid the usage of harsh chemical substances that can harm the glass or frames.


Invest in an expert-grade squeegee with a rubber blade. This will help you remove water and cleansing solutions correctly without leaving streaks.

Microfiber Cloths or Towels

After cleaning with the squeegee, use lint-loose microfiber cloths or towels to wipe down the windows. These will help eliminate any last dust or streaks.


To clean high window safely, fill a bucket with your cleaning solution. Make sure it is large enough to dip your equipment into without problems.

Scrubbing Brush or Pad

For windows with accumulated dirt or filth, use a gentle scrubbing brush or pad to loosen the particles before using the squeegee.

Water Source

If you are the use of a hose or bucket, make certain you have a nearby water source for refills.

Drop Cloth or Tarp

To shield the ground or flooring from spills and drips, place drop cloths or tarps beneath your windows.

Telescopic Pole with Hose Attachment

This is useful if you have a water-fed pole gadget, which gets rid of the need for a ladder whilst smoothing massive home windows with pure water.

Safety Harness and Anchor Points

Consider wearing a safety harness and anchor points to prevent falls while walking at high altitudes.

How to Clean High Windows?

Below is the step-by-step guide that will help you to get the desired results:

Safety First 

Safety has to constantly be the pinnacle of precedence while operating at height. Choose a ladder that honestly is strong and tall sufficient to gain the windows without difficulty. Ensure the ladder is located on a flat, even floor, and use leg levelers or ladder stabilizers if important. Wear non-slip shoes with unique traction to prevent accidents. If walking at extreme heights, don’t forget the use protection harnesses or lease an expert window cleansing company.

Gather Your Supplies

Having the proper gear and materials makes the task much less complex and greater green. Consider investing in a remarkable extension pole with a squeegee attachment, similar to a microfiber scrubber or sponge specifically designed for high rise window cleaning.

Choose a window cleansing solution that is effective yet gentle on glass surfaces, or create your personal usage of an aggregate of water and slight dish cleaning soap. Clean, lint-unfastened cloths or towels are important for drying and sharpening the windows without leaving streaks or lint behind. 


Before you begin cleaning, prepare your cleansing solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions or by diluting dish cleaning soap in water. Fill one bucket with the cleaning solution and another with clean water for rinsing. Having buckets prevents cross-contamination and guarantees that you constantly use clean water to rinse your gear.

Remove Dust and Debris: 

Most people ask how to clean outside windows you can’t reach so use the microfiber scrubber or sponge attached to the extension pole to gently remove dirt, cobwebs, or loose dust from the window surface. Particular care should be given to the edges and corners where dirt likes to collect.

Apply Cleaning Solution

Apply the cleaning approach to the window in parts, starting from the top and working your way down, using a scrubber or sponge dipped in the solution. This will save you streaks and guarantee thorough coverage. Allow the cleansing solution to penetrate any stubborn dust or dirt for a few moments before proceeding to the next step.

Squeegee Technique

Attach the squeegee to the extension pole and start from the pinnacle corner of the window. Hold the squeegee at a mild attitude and pull it horizontally across the window in an immediate line, overlapping every stroke slightly.

Use smooth, fluid motions to keep away from creating streaks or smudges. Wipe the squeegee blade with an easy fabric after each stroke to take away any excess water and save your drips. Cleaning windows with vinegar is an eco-friendly and effective way to achieve streak-free clarity and shine.

Dry and Polish

After squeegeeing every phase, use a smooth, lint-loose fabric to wipe away any final water or cleaner residue. Buff the window surface lightly in circular motions to leave it streak-unfastened and glowing. Take some time with this step to make sure thorough drying and sprucing.

Repeat as Necessary

 If the window is specifically dirty or streaky, you may need to copy the cleansing method one or more times until you achieve the desired result. Don’t rush the system, as thorough cleaning takes time and attention to detail.

Inspect and Touch Up

Once you’ve cleaned all the windows, check them for any missed spots or streaks. Use a squeegee or a humid material to touch up any areas that need extra cleansing. Pay attention to the window frames and sills as well, as they can acquire dust and dirt over the years. 

Clean Up

Rinse your cleaning gear and buckets thoroughly with warm water. Allow them to air dry absolutely before storing them in a dry place for future use. Dispose of any leftover cleaning solution properly according to nearby guidelines. Home window cleaning services ensure that your windows sparkle, enhancing the overall appearance and ambiance of your residence.

Tips for Preventing Future Damage to Windows

Preventing damage to windows can save you quite a few problems and fees ultimately. Here are some hints that will help you keep your windows in the right condition:

Regular Maintenance

Incorporating ordinary window protection into your house care can extensively extend the lifespan of your home windows. Schedule an intensive inspection at least once a year, preferably earlier than intense climate seasons, to catch any issues early on.

Look for symptoms of harm such as cracks, gaps, or rot in the frames, sills, and glass. Promptly addressing those problems can prevent them from worsening and potentially causing greater considerable harm to your home windows.


Maintaining cleanliness isn’t always only crucial for cultured functions but also for retaining the integrity of your windows. Dirt, dust, and particles can acquire on window surfaces, frames, and tracks through the years, main to deterioration. Regularly clean the interior and outdoors of your windows with the usage of a slight detergent and water solution.

Pay unique attention to the tracks and seals to get rid of any buildup that might have an effect on their functionality. After carefully cleaning high windows, the view from the top floor was crystal clear, revealing the cityscape below in all its splendor.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Trees near your property can beautify its aesthetic enchantment and offer coloration, but overhanging branches can pose a hazard to your windows. During windy situations, branches may sway and rub towards the glass, inflicting scratches or even breakage. To prevent such harm, trim any overhanging branches frequently, in particular those in close proximity to your home windows.

Install Storm Windows

If you live in a place vulnerable to extreme climate situations such as hail, robust winds, or extreme temperatures, installing hurricane home windows can provide added protection to your windows.

Storm home windows act as a barrier against the elements, reducing the danger of harm to your primary windows. They can also improve strength performance by supplying additional insulation.

Seal Leaks

Drafty windows not only compromise your comfort but also leave your house liable to moisture intrusion and electricity loss. Check for drafts around your windows and seal any gaps or leaks with weather stripping or caulk. Proper sealing is no longer the most effective way to prevent harm; it also facilitates improved electricity efficiency by using a reducing warmth switch.

Final Words

You must preferably close the windows while it’s not too sunny. Otherwise, your cleaning answer might evaporate as quickly as you spray it at the surface. Moreover, it’s better to divide the process and smooth windows one room at a time. 

If you are cleansing both outside and inside of the window, specialists suggest wiping one facet of the glass pane vertically and the other horizontally. In this manner, if any streaks appear, you’ll be able to tell if they’re at the out of doors of the window or the interior.

By following the steps outlined in this manual on how to wash high windows and prioritizing protection always, you can keep your home windows glowing easily and enjoy clear views of the world outside.

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