7 Best Ways to Clean the Outside of Your Windows

best way to clean outside windows

Have you ever looked outside from your home windows to be met with streaks and smudges that obstruct the view? Cleaning the outside of your windows can also appear daunting; however, it could be a breeze with the proper strategies and tools.

Dirty windows can detract from the overall look of your house and block natural light from entering your room. Knowing the best ways to clean the outside of your windows permits you to maintain a clean and glowing view.

You can also opt for any residential window cleaning service and many other methods that can help you.

Cleaning the exterior of your windows does not need to be a chore. Simple and efficient methods will help you achieve streak-free, pristine windows that will add to the beauty of your house.

In this read, we will discuss seven pleasant methods in a chart to smooth the exterior of your windows and achieve a flawless finish.



1. Pre-Soaking Wet the windows thoroughly with plain water to loosen surface dirt and debris.
2. Vinegar Solution To remove dirt and leave a streak-free sheen, use a spray bottle to combine equal parts white vinegar and water.
3. Ammonia Solution Combine one part ammonia with three parts water to effectively cut through grease and stubborn residue.
4. Commercial Cleaner Opt for a high-quality commercial window cleaner specially formulated for outdoor use with powerful degreasers.
5. Scrubbing To remove dirt and stains, use a sponge or brush with soft bristles, being very careful around edges and corners.
6. Thorough Rinsing Rinse windows with clean water to remove the cleaning solution and loosened dirt, ensuring all residues are washed away.
7. Drying Dry windows with a squeegee or lint-free cloth to prevent streaks, starting from the top and working downwards.

Best Window Cleaning Solution for Outside

Vinegar Solution

You can clean windows with vinegar as well. Mix the same part of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Vinegar’s acidity helps smash dust and dirt, leaving your windows streak-free and vivid.

Ammonia Solution

Combine one element of ammonia with three components of water for a mighty cleansing solution. Ammonia efficiently cuts through grease and clogged residue on doors and home windows.

Commercial Window Cleaner

Opt for top-notch commercial window cleanser mainly formulated for outdoor use. These products often incorporate effective degreasers and surfactants to address difficult outside dirt.


Before applying the cleaning solution, pre-soak the windows with simple water using a lawn hose, bucket,t, and sponge. This helps loosen floor dirt and strengthens the cleansing system.

Safety Precautions

Ensure proper safety measures while you clean house exterior, particularly when running at heights or with ladders. Use robust shoes and stable ladders, and if necessary, use protection harnesses.

Protect Surrounding Areas

To prevent damage from cleaning solution overspray, cover nearby plants, furniture, and surfaces with tarps or drop cloth.

Apply Cleaning Solution

Use the chosen cleaning solution generously onto the pre-soaked window surface, ensuring complete coverage.

Let Solution Sit

Allow the cleaning answer to sit at the home windows for a few minutes to successfully penetrate and unfasten stubborn dirt and grime.


Use a soft-bristled brush or sponge to clean the window surface, paying unique interest to regions with heavy buildup or stains.


Thoroughly rinse the windows with clean water to remove the cleaning solution and loosened dust. Ensure all residues are washed away for a spotless finish.


Use a squeegee or lint-loose cloth to dry the windows well, beginning from the top and working downwards to prevent streaks.

Final Inspection

Inspect the home windows for any overlooked spots or streaks. Touch up any regions as needed for a perfect end.

Dispose of Cleaning Solution

Properly dispose of any leftover cleaning solutions according to local guidelines to avoid environmental infection.

How to Clean Dirty Windows Outside


Start by disposing of any free dirt or debris from the window floor using a brush or soft cloth. This step prevents scratches and ensures a more powerful cleaning procedure.


Apply your chosen cleaning solution generously to the window surface. To remove dirt, use a sponge or brush with soft bristles, being very careful around edges and corners.


Clean the home windows with clean water to remove any final cleaning solution and dirt. A garden hose with a sprig nozzle attachment works well for this step.


After rinsing, use a smooth, lint-unfastened cloth or squeegee to dry the window floor thoroughly. Starting from the top and working your manner down, remove all extra water to save you streaks and water spots.


Take a second to check the window for any overlooked spots or streaks. Repeat the cleansing system in regions requiring extra attention to ensure an excellent end.

Polishing (Optional)

For an additional shine, use a window polish or glass purifier to buff the surface lightly with microfiber material. This step can enhance readability and leave windows gleaming.

Sealing (Optional)

To guard home windows from dust and grime buildup, apply window sealant or wax using a smooth fabric. Follow the product instructions cautiously for best results, and allow sufficient drying time.

Final Touches

Wipe down the window frames and sills with a moist cloth to remove any cleansing residue and repair their appearance. This final step provides a polished appearance to the whole window location.

Outdoor Window Cleaner

The squeegee technique includes starting from the window’s top and steadily working downwards with overlapping strokes, removing all excess water for a streak-free end. After each pass, wipe the squeegee blade with a smooth material to save your streaks from forming.

This method effectively eliminates water and guarantees a pristine result by Systematically maneuvering the squeegee throughout the window surface.

Its meticulous approach ensures even insurance and eliminates any lingering moisture, leaving in the back of acleans window. Mastering this approach can beautify the efficiency and excellence of window cleaning endeavors.


By adhering to these recommended strategies with outdoor window cleaner and cleaning strategies, you can gain windows that glint brilliantly, elevating the cultured enchantment of your home and inviting adequate natural light indoors. Regular protection ensures the readability and longevity of your windows, preserving their pristine condition over time.

With strategies ranging from pre-soaking to carefully scrubbing and thorough rinsing, coupled with the judicious selection of cleaning solutions like vinegar or ammonia, you may effectively address dust and dust buildup, leaving behind streak-unfastened, sparkling surfaces.

Additionally, prioritizing protection measures and environmental cognizance in putting off cleaning solutions underscores a responsible technique for home maintenance.

Ultimately, the effort invested in outdoor window cleansing can pay dividends in improving the outside facade and inner environment of your residence. Embrace those excellent practices as part of your routine maintenance regimen, and enjoy the transformative impact of glowing windows!

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